Sunday, January 23, 2011

Annoyed: The Sequel

I don't know why I'm sooo annoyed today. I still haven't had a BM today. that could certainly be it. I'm blaming the 4 ounces of steak I had last night. No more. I canceled my writing with Nurse Abby for this AM - perhaps because I could have predicted I was going to be sour. So I watched a movie - Waitress - and it was totally charmant. I loved it. Then David and I got into a fight (hint* it involved farting) and then I decided to go sit in a movie theatre for 6 hours and watch Carlos - more on that later. Now I'm home watching Dr. Strangelove and I just finished eating my 4th meal: 3/4 cup whole wheat pasta, one cup steamed vegetables and less than 1/3 cup of feta cheese. It was better this time. I made an extra course for lunch tomorrow, grilled 3 pieces of chicken and made a big thing of brown rice for the week.

David is at our friend's house for dinner. I just couldn't do it. Sour Grapes today!

So I'm going to watch this movie and then go to bed. Hopefully I'll have a poop before then. I'm drinking tea.

Oh! and Waitress. What was so amazing about it was this idea of a woman who didn't want the baby, wasn't going to abort (I love abortion!) and was just generally misanthropic towards her own child. And it was okay. This was second only to the scene in Sex and The City 2 where Charlotte and Miranda talk about how hard it is to be rich and have help with children. Kidding. Don't be so naive!

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