Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Okay, clever title... apparently in the sequel he loses all of his money. And the tagline: No Money. Still Funny. If we can change from that tagline not really. Also, biggest mystery: Sir John Gielgud is in the sequel... unless they have some Obi Wan shit going on didn't he die in the first one? Dear Readers... do you know what happens?

The title remindes me of the movie I made in the 7th grade, a sequel to Mannequin. Mannequin: Stuck In Love. It starred me as a cross between the Meshach Taylor and Andrew McCarthy roles and my friend Stephanie (we met bonding over One Life To Live) in the Kim Cattrall role. I'm not sure what the plot was but it did involve a lot of me moving her, styling her, playing with her hair and dressing her. Then I remember watching a porno where some girl fucks herself with a wine bottle. Classy! (It was a Magnum).

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  1. This had nothing to do with Arthur, although I have not seen it and am curious. Maybe the first one, but definitely not the sequel. I know you are on a diet regimen and thought I would share with you and some of your readers a few delicious recipes I have enjoyed lately, complements of Yoga Journals 21 day Yoga Challenge and Vegetarian Times.

    There "energy bites" are a perfect pre-workout snack.

    Also, this Ayurvedic dish that warms and balances:

    Enjoy and keep up the good work.