Saturday, January 22, 2011

Broken Watch

What the shit. I woke up this AM and it wasn't working. All fuzzy and I was all "What the shit" and then I put it on anyway and was pressing the back furiously because isn't that what one does and it still didn't work. So I go to the library as planned and then text David about it and am forced to wear a watch that doesn't work for the entire day! Then after we install at the Center I go to the Duane Reade - oh! and I found out Dear Readers that now
you need 500 points to get $5... are you mother fucking kidding me?
So I buy an eyeglass kit to take the back off and decide which kind of battery I need. Fine. I do this in the store and then I buy a battery and I pile all of this into my pocket which normally stores my iPod. Fine. And then I get home and take the battery out and prepare to install it in the watch and then son of a bitch it's the wrong shittin' battery. Oy. So now I'm sans watch. What will I do without time?

Dear Readers - if anyone has an extra watch please let me know. If not, I'll have to go to Kmart and get another.

Still thinking of my contest. Stay tuned!

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