Friday, January 28, 2011

The Challenger, RIP

Dear Readers - I don't mean to be all serious all of the time but I remember the Challenger, being in 4th grade at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Perochial School ("Good Morning Sister Therese Marie") and watching the shuttle blow. I was devastated. It was scary. Two years later when my mother would remarry and we moved to Pennsylvania from upstate New York and I got a new step-aunt Liz. She was a closeted lesbian, an alcoholic, an abusive mother. No, Dear Readers "Liz" is not code for Paula Poundstone, but the similarities are endless. Just kidding Paula - love you girl!

Anyway, the Challenger has stayed with me because Aunt Liz told me that she had applied and that could have been her. The horror!

Let's all take a moment for Aunt Liz today.

ps. I'm not sure why Queen Latifah and her trainer popped up on this blog. I was unable to load the picture I wanted. Crazy machines!

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