Friday, January 28, 2011

Colon Hydrotherapy The Sequel

So I just spoke with Maria and here's what I should expect: feeling light after 45 minutes; my colon specialist will check to make sure I've inserted the tube properly and then they'll teach me how to expell the water (every 25 seconds for 40 minutes!); I may experience some cramping - like I have to go to the bathoom but that's natural. I may sweat during the procedure because I am introducing some foreign materials into my body. They will give me a probiotic after. I can't be more than 15 minutes late. I can't eat any meat, poultry, carbs, bread, pasta, rice or potatoes ("Nothing in the white family"); I can only eat steamed fish, vegetables, frutis, boiled eggs, high fiber cereals, yogurt and cottage cheese; teas and coffees are okay.

I can't wait! Don't worry Dear Readers I am going to document the shit out of this (pun intended) and make a video. And then I'll just have to figure out how to upload it.

Next Friday evening will be the best Friday evening ever!

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