Saturday, January 22, 2011


After my workout this morning and before going to the Center to install our show I went to the library to return some movies and books and get some more.

Here is a list of the movies I took out:

The Red Shoes
Bright Star (I saw this movie at BAM with my friend Sadie and I loved it!)
Working Girl (I got this for David because tonight he has to work from home and be on the computer so I thought I would get it for him to enjoy while maybe I give him a humdinger - if he's lucky!)
Wanda - by Barbara Loden
Waitress (RIP Adrienne Shelly)
Art School Confidential - wishful thinking!
Green Zone starring Mr. Matt Damon
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
And finally
Citizen Kane.

Very exciting. Anyway, I was at the library trying to gather my ten movies and it started, in the Ps (how fitting) and I was going to hold out until I found all ten of my movies. P... Q... R... S... T...U... OMG I'm not sure I'm going to make it!

I run to the bathroom on the first floor and go into a stall, but no! EEWWW this is where the homeless men come to shower and shave and shit. And I support it. I love it. I believe this is theirs to be had. I believe the libraries are the home of the revolution!

But no way am I shitting on that toilet. It was like Trainspotting. So I make a mad dash for the third floor where I know there is an almost-private bathroom outside of the Art & Music department. I'm practicing my Kegel exercises so I don't explode. Only one more set of stairs left. Quickly I'm unbuttoning my jacket, sweating, and I rip it off, hang it up on the hook with my Village Voice tote (!!!) and phew. I'm sitting. And then the door opens and someone else comes in and now I'm clenching again because there is no way that I can do this there with him in the room so I text David: Pooping at the library and my watch is broken!

But I wasn't pooping I was distracting. Now he's washing his hands - or rather he's drying them, I hear no water running (a dry wash - perhaps he uses hand sanitizer) and then finally he leaves. Finally!

And then I can poop and it's all good. Happy Endings, as they say. Phew. I check out with my ten movies, three books (one by Douglas Coupland, one by Melanie Klein and one on the Princes Harry and William for David).

Then I met him on the first car of the #3 train to go to the Center.

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