Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 312

I just finished my second round: Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Don't worry. No one else knows what it means either. So hear's my day two consensus. It's not that hard, it's just the amount of it is difficult. Okay, it is hard. Out of a 41 minute workout I'll say I stopped about 5 minutes total. And I feel okay about it.

There were people on the video, in much better shape than I, who stopped as well. So, yes, I feel good. Today there was less flem although every time Shaun T. told me to exhale something shot across the room. And my fucking thighs (the tops of my legs, are those my thighs?) burn like shit.

But Shaun T. is awesome and totally motivating. He gives you a lot of water breaks but I think all of that water makes me feel like I'm going to puke. Maybe that's normal?

Also, other people are dripping in sweat and I want to but there's really just a faint glimmer coming off of me but I do smell like your high school basement where you would go to smoke pot and masturbate. Maybe that was just me. Although I never smoked pot.

Okay, now it's only 7AM on a Saturday and I need an activity. The library doesn't open until 10 and I already ate meal one: one piece of toast, 1 tbsp. each of peanut butter and jelly. BORING I know.

At some point Shaun T. went up to a lady (I think?) and asked her how long she had been doing Insanity and she said something that I couldn't make out - I was working out, sweating! - and then he said "and you've never worn a sports bra before, right?" and again, I'm not sure what she said but I think he was talking directly to me.

I know I said I wasn't going to add pictures of myself but I lied. Day 2. Oh and I still haven't pooped today.

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  1. man you look ripped! and this is only day 2?!