Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Watch Part 1

It's Angie. In Versace (ver-sAYse).

She looks great. When doesn't she? It's sort of vintagey and downplays her vixen qualities which I think she needs more of.

It sort of reminds me of this silk pantsuit that my Aunt Marion bought my mom and I would put it on to play Nicki/Vicki from One Life To Live, always with a towel on my head. For some reason I thought rich women always had towels on their heads. Mabye because Grandma Betty always did, replete with a cigarette in her double wide, the very picture of rich!

Angela Chase - finally she's doing something else than selling eyelash extender and paint! She may be my favorite of the evening in hot pink Calvin Klein. And I love it when she hugged her dad in that cowboy outfit. It was really sweet.

I love Emma Stone. And I loved Easy A. And I sort of loved her hair from the show but this whole thing looks a bit too washed out for my taste. And she looks way older than she needs to. I'm not pleased.

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