Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night

I finished my five meals about an hour ago and let me tell it's not easy. Or it is. I can't tell. I'm not even sure I was hungry but I ate a piece of toast with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter and 1 tbsp. of jelly. It was very good. My boyfriend was nasty and said something like "how boring". I would guess il est tres jealoux! But we don't speak of such things.

After my third meal today I went to Target to get a humidifier & universal remote because I had to watch Insanity on the computer today because of said missing remote and my inability to scroll through the menu. While I was there I also bought some vitamin which is supposed to help metabolize my fat into muscle. And I was going to buy whole wheat bread and English Muffins and wraps (all according to my Insanity food guide) but I couldn't bring myself to it. Food shopping at Target made me feel like a Welfarian and there is no way I'm going down that shit-colored road again.

My throat still hurts, regardless of all the tea and water and cough drops I ingest. I probably have herpes of the throat. Or esophageal cancer. Hopefully it's just from the quitting of the smoking. Hopefully the humidifier will work.

Isn't this all the most boring mundane shit alive?

Here's more:

For my first lunch I had a bit of chicken, some broccoli rabe and polenta. For my second lunch I had a bit of chicken, some broccoli rabe and polenta. I left a lot in the container and threw it out because I didn't want to go over my caloric intake. For dinner I had 4 oz. of ground turkey mixed with 2 tbsp. of salsa and one tbsp. of raw onion. Then I grilled it into a burger and ate it between two tortillas, all corn. I hate flour tortillas. As a side I had some steamed kale. It was all very delicious.

Tomorrow I'm not setting the alarm. I wonder what time I'll get up. Secretly - or not-so-secretly - I'm excited to do the insanity. And then I'm going to go to the library, post office to pick up our Honey Bell oranges and then home again to do laundry and work on some applications/art.

I'm making something now about Candide. Or something like that.

Ooh! I just figured out how to add photos and videos and on my digital camera I figured out how to take a timed picture. Life is grand!

I'm going to add a video just because I can. So there!

Oh... maybe I'll add my video where I have man boobs? No, not there yet. Don't want to shoot my load before it's grand premiere at the LGBT Center. Hollywood here I come.

Also tomorrow I plan on working on the In Treatment script.

Had a bowel movement right after my first lunch but not since. I hope I'm not constipated!

Have to go and Google the signs of esophageal cancer. Good night!

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