Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Still Fat!

Sweet Christ! Day 3. Today was Cardio Power and Resistance. OH! and I'm pooping. I got through the warm up today almost without incident. Again, I'd say I took off about 5 minutes of at 36 or 37 minute workout. But I feel okay about because even the people in the video with six-packs and 28" waists take breaks.

For breakfast:

3 cups of spinach, 1/2 an apple, 1tbsp. of chopped walnuts, 4 oz. of chicken and about 1/2 cup cucumber. Garnished with lemon and black pepper. It was delicious and I'm full.

Thank the Maker that I'm having brunch with my friend Becky today. I've been alone all weekend and last night was getting a bit funky. Plus I had two cups of Paris tea and a lot of green tea and felt all hopped up.

I think it's been exactly one week since I haven't had a drink and almost no cravings. Although yesterday when I was doing laundry and drinking green tea I was potentially craving a cigarette. Pushed through it.


Watched more of 30 Rock but it depressed me for some reason. And that Joaquin Phoenix movie is outrageously dull. I just don't care. I sort of care about Casey Affleck but not about a bloated, egotistical, whiny actor.

I'll continue reading GOOP thank you very much.

Today, after brunch, going to see Another Year and can't wait!

Don't worry. I'll give you a full review.

Here's my day 3 picture (and yes I was at the beach earlier this AM):

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  1. i'm your number one fan!! i love your posts!!! i wanna stalk you!!!