Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movies & Galleries

This morning David and I went to see The Social Network. I liked it again and David found it "boring". I couldn't tell given the multiple times he changed position in his seat over the course of two hours. At one point I thought he was going to fall out of it.

This is why I like it. A: Jesse Eisenberg plays against character and does a great job of it and B: Both Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher feel as if they are mirrors of Mark Zuckerberg. They too want to fit in. I bet we can find somewhere in their past where they too wanted to belong to some kind of Final Club, not just the Jewish fraternity with the Asian girls.

But it really works in the movie. The second time around you get a more sympathetic viewing of Mark Zuckerberg. I still really like it and think it's probably the best "Hollywood" movie made this year.

After that we had Vietnames. I had some Chicken Pho (hold the noodles please!) and David had some weird flat pork dish and a beer with some spicy stuff in it. I had sparkling water.

Then we went to galleries around the Lower East Side and looked at real estate and art. The real estate was more promising but there was one good show at Lu Magnus. Go and see it. Plus it's a beautiful space.

Also, the Bridge Gallery had a good show and a video in the back with real vaginal intercourse (no condoms!). Love that.

And Orchard Windows Gallery there were some beautiful porno paintings. David wasn't crazy about them but very nice light and the artist, Nicholas Weber, is a very good painter. Plus the proprietor, Dino, was very charming and promises two receptions for each show including wine and cheese products (I'm not sure if he meant Easy Cheese or not).

Finally, before the move there was an advertisement for Ritz Crackers - which I'll soon be following on Facebook - and this famous chef (a pudgy, bleached blond) made Ritz sliders. David said something about how quickly they would get pooped out and I couldn't agree more. Yuckers.

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