Saturday, January 22, 2011

The People Have Spoken

I was at a party last night and people were chomping at the bit for The Interlopere. One day without posting and I was mopping up drooling chins. So, I am BACK! Dear Readers and I apologize for the lapse.

So much has happened!

First of all, the diet and workout continue swimmingly. I met some girl at the party last night who was so interested in it she practically invited herself over. I said "Hold on sister! I barely know you! Whose bringing the lube and poppers?"

I had a short day at work yesterday because I needed to go to the doctor for my throat and - can you believe it - dear readers... I have ACID REFLUX (after speaking to my mother she said this all makes sense because I've always been a "throat clearer"??? I said "Bitch you've always been absent that don't make you a ghost!" BOO-YA!)

But I took a Prilosec (see to my left) and when I woke up this morning my throat hurt like I had only sucked two dicks as opposed to 12. I guess Dr. Meehan was correct! Also, I'm not sure if Prilosec borrowed this stock image from OB or something but it reads way more "I can be active and free without an applicator!" then "I'm no longer gagging on my own vomit!" Just saying.

Today we are installing our show at the LGBT Center. I'm excited... to get it over with. I'm going to go to the library before and return my movies and books and get more and then tonight just hang out at home.

Tomorrow I am meeting Nurse Abby for writing and then I'm going to see Carlos, at 5.5 hours it's going to be a dream! Then dinner at my friend's house.

I'm thinking of doing a contest. Like the tenth follower I get will get a homemade sculpture or something. I'm just trying to drum up support. I'll keep you posted.

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