Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sewing Kits

About two weeks ago I bought a sewing kit at the Duane Reade because a button had popped off of my jacket. I sewed it on at the Cosi as I patiently waited for Nurse Abby to work on our Spec Script. Before I get too far (I accidentally just typed fat there!) let me say that this purchase put me up to 98 points! 2 more and that $5 gift certificate is mine! ALL MINE! I'm going to buy the new Vogue with Kristen Stewart!

Anyway, I successfully sewed on a button and was totally impressed with myself. Just a few days ago, a week 1/2 later I was able to Photoshop myself ironing in Times Square and upload a video on SlideRoom. The Presidency cannot be far behind.

But my biggest accomplishment ladies and gentlemen came when just this morning I sewed a torn pocket on my newly dyed American Apparel corduroys. They are practically flawless. I even got a compliment on them. No one can even notice my handi-work. It feels good to not be noticed.

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