Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Random Thoughts About Working Out

Oh so here it is.

I think I should have one cup of Paris Tea before I work out because I've had two (really one, I have a small cup here at WORK) and I'm totally jazzed up. I think if I have this prior to my work out I'll be busting the shit out!

Like when Aunt Shannon in the '80s would work out at Court Jester I'm sure she was filled with caffeine. And then to detox she would go to the bar - where you could smoke, no lie - and eat some Buffalo wings and wash it down with a beer. Probably a Coors Light, so that's healthy! At some point she quit smoking because she had open heart surgery. Thank the Maker... she's alive today to tell the story!

So that's my news. Caffeine before my work out. I'll keep you posted!

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