Thursday, January 27, 2011

Subway Dreams of SJP

Dear Readers - While reading Must You Go? I came across this little gem: A minute flaxen-haired doll called Sarah, so small she could hardly read the script, proved to be the most brilliant actress. (Years later I was amused that the minute flaxen-haired doll had become famous as Sarah Jessica Parker.)
She was auditioning for Harold Pinter's version of Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.
I dreamt I could run into her and tell her this because I think she got beat up in the press - rather unfairly - for Sex and the City 2, a wonderful depression-era romp. Anyway, I thought it would brighten her day.
I once read a book on Andy Warhol and my friend's mother was mentioned a few times as one of the founding members of the Andy Warhol fan club. She was then Chief Curator of Prints at MOMA. I couldnt' wait to tell her and when I did she already knew. It was kind of disappointing but oh well. It was at the Marina Abromovic opening. She cried (Marina). "Crocodile tears", as my friend Lucas said.

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