Monday, January 17, 2011

Throat Herpes

Hola All -

Happy MLK Jr. Day. Today is Day 4 and it was Cardio Recovery which was exactly what I needed on this Monday Holiday when I had to work. And get up at 6AM. It's okay to get up at 6AM on the weekends or days off because you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day. I can take a nap! I can watch a movie! I can masturbate while taking a nap and watching a movie! But on a WORK Day! Sweet Jesus it's a lot. But I'm on my second cup of Paris Tea and I'm feeling good! (sorry for the long link... when I was Arts & Entertainment editor at AOL i used to be able to know how to do a hyperlink... maybe that's my goal for the day: HYPERLINK!!!!)

I just tried. Can't figure it out.

Anyway, Cardio Recovery was great. Great stretches but my ass and upper legs are totally sore. I still am worried that I'm not getting enough of a workout on my abs because I still resemble a two-ton Tessie, but other that than, the workout is going along swimmingly. Okay, I did lose some steam yesterday for a couple of reasons which I'll go into later.

Dinner last night was 3/4 cup whole wheat pasta, 1/2 cup steamed vegetables and 1/3 cup crumbled feta. I'm not a huge fan of whole wheat pasta, but I made do. I also used less than 1/3 cup feta because that felt totally extreme to me. Totally extreme!

For lunch I repeated my spelt turkey wrap and for my 5th and final meal I had whole wheat toast, 1 tbsp (or less) of almond butter and a piece of low fat mozzarella on top... Delicious!

My throat still hurts even with the humidifier. Today I coughed up a gross amount of phlegm into the crotch of my elbow as I was coughing. I can only assume it's from not smoking. I hope so or else I have herpes of the throat:

One time I bought a sweater in a thrift store in Philadelphia and was so convinced that IT had herpes that I steamed it against my friend's antique armoire and ruined it (the armoire, not the sweater). I got rid of the herpes though.

I'm all hyped up on caffeine right now and can't even think straight! Plus I think this post is very long and I need to start another. To be continued!

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