Thursday, January 20, 2011

Which Position Are You?

I had analysis today and learned about Melanie Klein and her "two positions". Below are brief descriptions.

Google it and let me know which position you are!
Paranoid Schizoid Position Klein also wrote about the use of projective identification. In projective identification it was not the impulse only, but parts of the self and bodily products that were in fantasy projected into the object (Segal, 1980). When pain came, she said, one would put the pain on someone else. Then the other was the persecutor (Grosskurth, 1986). The aims of projective identification could be manifold: getting rid of an unwanted part of oneself, a greedy possession and scooping out of the object, control of the object, and so on. One of the results was identification of the object with the projected part of the self.

Depressive Position A more evolved state was Klein's Depressive Position. According to Klein, one would realize that the mother that one hated was also the mother that one loved. The depressive position took place when one took in the mother as a whole object. One would inhibit the need to attack, and contain the feeling into oneself. This led to taking in and tolerating more pain. Klein's theory was also linked to ambivalence; one could love and hate the mother or any person and still have a relationship (Grosskurth, 1986).

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