Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whole Foods, lunch and laundry

" There are no modern Insarovs. Instead, there are cancerphobes like Norman Mailer, who recently explained that had he not stabbed his wife (and acted out “a murderous nest of feeling”) he would have gotten cancer and “been dead in a few years himself.” ' - Susan Sontag, Illness as Metaphor; and, AIDS and its Metaphors

I went to Whole Foods after going to the library and dropping off some books and picking another one up. How fun!

But that mother fucking shit is expenisve, but I mean, it's the only place one can get spelt wraps or fucking sugar-free bread! Can you believe that most bread has sugar! What the shit is that? Anyway, I drank the sugar-free, organic Kool-Aid (did you know that it was NOT Kool-Aid at Jonestown?) and spent way too much. But at least now I'll live to be 60 or something. I'm sure at some point organic food will be bad for me and a cancer causing agent.

I haven't pooped since this morning. For lunch I had the following:

2.5 slices of turkey on a spelt wrap with one tsp. of mustard (Grey Poupon!) and lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Then I had 1/2 cup of delicious, creamy 1% milkfat cottage cheese with some ground black pepper.

My Insanity cookbook says nothing of spices so I hope they are not making me fat!

Also, my legs hurt so much and not much else (okay, my back and arms hurt a little) but I don't want some chunky muscle leg. That won't look good in my skin-tight jeans (I'll be your teenage dream tonight - Katy Perry!)

Finishing up my artist's statement - I hope - for my last application of the weekend.

Readers - do I use too many parentheticals?

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  1. never . . . your parentheses are always appropriate and wry