Monday, February 7, 2011


"You grew your hair so I grew mine." - Arcade Fire

Dear Readers - it's not too often that The Interlopere waxes philosophic but this is my time. It struck me after a rousing round of board games with some close friends on Saturday night that we are all a bit static in our interpretations and understandings of one another. Or, perhaps better said, our expectations. We all have strong opinions and even stronger personalities. Most of them are incredibly progressive/left-leaning/liberal/fill-in-your-own-word-here.

I was doing a training last week and we were talking about crisis and we start said training by defining it. Very textbook. A period that is defined by turmoil... social, political, etc. I used Egypt as an example and someone yelled out "That's not a crisis it's a revolution!". Yes. But why can't it be both? And in fact, isn't it both? Fixed ideas. I thought of my own friend base and how they would probably have the same reaction which would ultimately lead to a spirited debate/argument which may or may not leave some bad tasting mouths.

People get married and people stop drinking and people move to other parts of the country and everyone has an opinion. People get freaked out. People feign support. And ultimately relationships change.

We, as humans, pride ourselves on our ability to develop and maintain strong, interpersonal relationships but I have to ask (in my best Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw voice) "Do we know each other too well and does this lead to us being nasty to one another?" or "Does our ability to freely examine each other, under a microscope, in everyone's presence, lead to feelings of resentment?"

Just a thought on this Monday morning.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Interlopere, you're deep.