Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Readers -

As PJ Harvey's new record quickly approaches the stores (what stores? where in the shit does one even find a GD record store anymore - oh yes! Bleeker Street or the WB) - I am reminded of my lack of drinking over this past month. It's been great. And sucky. And mostly sucky in the beginning and since that pretty much all great. Even in social settings. There has been the occasional comment, anxious stare, "OH MY GOD ARE YOU JUDGING ME BECAUSE YOU THINK I'M DRINKING TOO MUCH" feeling but that's on you Dear Readers, not me. The truth of the matter is, I don't give a shit how much you drink. I love it. And for the first time in a long time I can remember how much you drink. Yes! On my end there have been solid BMs, perfect sleep patterns, energy and oh yes! lots and lots of seltzer and tea.

What I've discovered Dear Readers - and what has been most difficult - is the lack of ritual not involved in not drinking. What does what drink with their medium-rare steak? I'm having mussels and no white wine? It's 5PM where is my G & T? What I've learned to do is replace, replace, replace. Steak - make it a double... seltzer with lime. G & T? How about Paris Tea... oh yeah, and add a splash of original, non-fat almond milk in that. 5PM? I'll take that double espresso, uh-huh (her?) and throw in that lemon wedge. Doesn't matter, I'm going to sleep like a baby anyway. 9PM and the night's winding down. I'm crawling in my bath drinking my calm and reading the latest (way too long) expose on Scientology in The New Yorker. It's all good, Dear Readers... for me...

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