Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gotham Writers Workshop, Week 2

Quick story. Dear Readers, this week we had to pitch our original show ideas. A woman in the show had a story about three strippers. One who is great at giving blow jobs while dreaming of Dior! Chanel! Lanvin! etc (her name also happens to be Chanel); another is a former Mormon who is used to sewing grandma panties but now sells thongs with pockets for cocaine. The third is a the grand dame of strip clubs, she loves it, lives for it and acts a therapist to all of her customers. This was the gist of the pitch. Her last line was: Wanna Watch? No, I want to wash my scrotum with hand sanitizer and put plastic sheeting on my seat in case you sat here last week. I mean... where's the humanity?! I asked her if they wanted to be there. She said yes. Also, this is a woman who was pitching this. I told her she sounded like a straight white man (as devilish as I could make it!) and then I said that these strippers sound like they have no humanity and basically this is a show about sluts. She seemed to get angry and wouldn't stop staring at me for the rest of the class. She's friends with the OTHER gay guy in the class. I smell a war: When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!

Abby get your gun!

PS. I have photos of the class but I have to blur out people's faces.

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