Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ronnie!

Dear Readers - this Sunday (Superbowl Sunday GOOOO STEELERS!) would be President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. In honor of this there is much fanfare happening around the country. From The New York Times: Along with the requisite speeches and academic panels, the festivities include: a Rose Parade float, a six-foot-high cake, commemorative stamps and jelly beans, a Beach Boys concert, a tribute from the Jonas Brothers and a video homage at the Super Bowl, which is also on Sunday. The memorials, including a 21-gun salute and a graveside wreath-laying by Nancy Reagan, are expected to draw hundreds of former aides and supporters.

May I also suggest a showing of the AIDS Quilt because without President Reagan we wouldn't have such a beautiful and large tapestry of dead people. And I would also like to introduce the official Arms for Hostages Commemorative plate, each one numbered and signed by Oliver North. And let's not forget... oh shit, I forgot...

The full article here:

I can only imagine Sarah Palin is shaving her pubic hair in the shape of a jelly bean in preparation for Sunday.

And let's not forget Pretty Nancy Reagan. The original Lady in Red.

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  1. why jelly beans? did he have a thing for them?