Thursday, February 3, 2011

Insanity Update

Dear Readers -

I know you've all been dying to know how my Insanity workout starring Mr. Shaun T. is going. So here is my official update. Today I completed day 24. I've definitely lost weight. At last check it was about 8 lbs. I'll check again today. While I don't even come close to having a six pack I have lost my Heineken mini keg and can once again fit into my Tankini (TM) with ease (this does not take into account all of the waxing I'll have to do!).

The workouts are definitely getting more doable and I would say that I'm addicted. I am sticking to my diet, really sticking to it and have not had a drink since January 9th or a complex carbohydrate (or any real cheese) since then either.

I have about 4 more days of my first month and then I start my recovery week and then go into month two will all of the MAX stuff. I'm scared for that because all of the workout are longer. I feel like at 45 minutes I'm already at capacity, but we'll see... I will soldier on!

I definitely have more energy and feel better in my body than I have in a long long time. Although I would really like a cold beer. I have no interest in any other alcohol but do have dreams of a tall frothy Guiness. But alas, only 36 more days. 36!!!!!

For the rest of the day I'm eating no meat and no carbohydrates in preparation for my colon hydrotherapy tomorrow evening. Can't wait! I'll keep you posted Dear Readers.

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  1. Mikey asks, "Beer and waxing party in 36 days?"