Friday, February 4, 2011

Live in Concert: Das Racist!

Dear Readers - last night Lawyer Joe and I went to go see a hip hop show at the Highline Ballroom. Before we met at the Chelsea Square Diner where I had a large Greek Salad - don't worry, I didn't eat all of the feta - and he had a cheeseburger. I had green tea, he had Heineken. Then we walked to the Highline Ballroom - not hand in hand Dear Readers! and checked our coats. When we got there Danny Brown was performing. I liked him a lot. He was thin, with a flat ironed mohawk dripping over one side of his face and what appeared to be a flowy, vintage Versace button down atop tight white jeans. He seemed genuinely excited to be there and mentioned that he was used to performing for crowds of 30, nothing this large (I think the venue probably holds only 3 - 400 people max.).

Then Das Racist came out 30 minutes later. Lawyer Joe and I had spirited conversation in between. He had another beer, I had a water (I was really wanting a drink Dear Readers and at one point even told myself I could have a vodka drink because of the caloric content... but I abstained!).

Das Racist came out and put on their bratty bravado. I found it totally charming and effective their whole presences, for me, exists in the in-between: In between hip hop history and future, real and false bravado. They were constantly biting the hand that was obviously feeding them (white people) but that seemed more of a dis towards hip hop purists then of the audience. For me they channeled early Flavor Flav without being overtly political although I think they have a RACIAL message in a world where we are striving to be post-racial. They aslo have this low-fi, DIY aesthetic that I know is very popular this days but I really enjoy it. It makes me feel like I can do it to (see I Want to Start a Band). I really liked the show and was transfixed. I was also happy, however, when Lawyer Joe suggested we leave before the encores to "avoid the rush" because secretly I never love live shows. I don't know why.

I think it's because I always want to be involved or something. Lawyer Joe had a good point. Why do we all stand there, static, when there is a great DJ and we could all be dancing. My answer: It's a celebrity obsessed culture and we don't want to miss anything so we want to stare at the stage through our camera phone so we can post this on YouTube five minutes later. I'm guilty of the same although I don't know how to do that. But I do want to watch them like a car crash.

Just putting this t-shirt up again because I still want it. In case any of you Dear Readers, are feeling gifty this holiday season.

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