Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Star Sighting

Last night as I was walking to class Dear Readers I spotted none other than Johnny Galecki - yes, he of "Roseanne" fame. I debated for at least 10 seconds whether or not to go and talk to him or have my picture taken. My coworker said "If you do, you're one of those people." I didn't. But shit, so be it. I'll be one of those people. Anyway, it was a real thing for me. Do you know Dear Readers, that I once met the original Becky at the Beer Garden in Astoria? I loved her!

Anyway, I think Johnny Galecki stirred my feeling for a young Bud Bundy and I've found the screen cap that did it for me:

I recorded this episode of "Married With Children" and watched it over and over as Bud flexed and pointed and said "It's over there." Swoon.

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  1. have I told you that my gay improv group used to open for the original becky's improv group??!?
    her voice is very deep.
    supposedly she's not a lesbian