Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walter's Clock

Dear Readers - You'll be thrilled to know that I finally got my watch fixed at Walter's Clock, 240 W. 10th Street - what a night I had in the West Village!

Walter was a bit of a curmudgeon; Russian: Move out way, I have to turn TV off. Me: what are you watching? Walter: Medical Drama. I turn and it's season one of Grey's Anatomy. Me: Oh! Grey's Anatomy. Walter: Move please. It is good show.

He takes my watch, tells me that someone has removed the back. Me: oh yes, that was me, I tried to replace the battery. Walter: You need professional. Not Duane Reade. Me: oh yes, you're right. Walter: And you broke plastic thingy. Not my problem. Me: no, not at all. You sure have a lot of movies here. Walter: You leave watch fixing to professionals. Me: Yes, I'll only come to you from now on. Walter: Not me. Diamond District, 47th Street. Me: No, I'll come to you, it's great here. Walter: No, you no need me. Diamond District, 47th Street.

Needless to say the watch is fixed and like brand new. It cost me $15... only $5 less than a brand new watch. But what an experience!

Also, if Walter was a Chinese man could I do his accent?

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