Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Bring Good Things To Light...

Or bad things. Or just ignore the obvious and do things like below.

Dear Readers as Ronnie's 100th approaches I will be posting many things about the man, the myth... oh shit, I forgot again. I am obsessed with President Ronald Reagan. He was an actor. He hung out with a lot of famous people. He hosted Princess Diana and John Travolta and they were all swishy on the dance floor. (Who's zoomin' who?).

I read Dutch. I put his son's new memoir on hold at the Brooklyn Public Library. I've read Dutch.

Anyway, GE, that global energy company which happens to own NBC/Universal (unless Comcast does now...I can't keep up) is celebrating him and his legacy. See more here:

From Then in 1980, as now, there was change at that time with the election of President Ronald Reagan, whose signature energy policy was focused first on ending national fuel price controls, and in general on deemphasizing energy as a special or unique issue preferring the "native American genius, not arbitrary federal policy, to be free to provide for our energy future." Perhaps his notably ignominious energy policy was his failed attempt to abolish the Department of Energy.

I wonder what GE thought of him then? Bygones.

Heinz should certainly be celebrating his legacy. And Hunt's too... are they even around? Catch up!

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