Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Let me tell you – dear Readers – about a delicious treat my co-worker blessed me with today. It’s called Genmaicha and it’s a green tea blended (infused?) with toasted brown rice. And it’s like a delicious, dirty hippie version of Rice Krispies. As a child I would eat Rice Krispies with buckets of sugar on them. I’m surprised I’m not diabetic. Maybe it’s because my mother drank while pregnant with me and I needed the sugar?? Or maybe my father’s alcoholism penetrated her cervix via his sperm and that’s why I loved sugar so much? Now I don’t like sweets at all but I do love a cheese plate.

I also can’t eat catsup because I think I overdid that as a child. I would put it on toast with butter. My great aunt, Elsie Pitkorchemny, would always yell at me, telling me it was “going to rot my stomach”, as she puffed on her Merit Ultra Lights – she was Jen Aniston before Aniston was Aniston. Grandma Louise would sit idly by while watching Press Your Luck: “Big Money Big Money/No Whammies! No Whammies!” Dad would be late picking me up because he was having a hard time getting the car out of reverse. In his defense it’s really hard to do that after 11 beers and 2 shots of Jim Beam. It was the best of times…

Anyway, I hear they sell Genmaicha at Whole Foods (*hint hint*)

These are a few of my favorite things – Julie Andrew’s voice (RIP) (one day I'm going to learn how to put videos on here)

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