Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hathaway Go Away!

A: Normally I love everyone. I really do. But there's something about Hathaway that just makes me want to crawl up inside of my own nutsack. Fo' reals. I liked the wedding movie enough - okay I really liked it, owned it on DVD and watched it multiple times crying with some chamomile tea spiked with gin, vodka or whatever we had lying around. But now I'm so sick of her. Maybe it was the Oscars. It's definitely that movie with Gyllenhaal where she was flopping her tits around all the time and had some fakey disease that made her angry and bitter and twitch very occassionally.

Also, speaking of her breasts - she must have it in her contract to show them at any moment. She can't not show them! If she shows them any more they should get their own billing. Above her name:

Anne Hathaway's Breasts

Anne Hathaway

3D The Movie

What is her rider like? No green M&Ms, all white linens, two silk pillows for Ms. Hathaway's breasts in between takes, Udder Cream.

Remember when she dated that weird con man? Who is Hathaway? What is she really about? Inquiring minds want to know. I don't buy her Disney princess bullshit and I'm sick of seeing her tits. Now Dame Helen Mirren is another story.

Here's Peter Travers' review of One Day. And she must have done something to piss him off (not showing her tits?) for him not to like it. He basically gives 3 stars to everything unless it's something with Will Ferrel, Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen which automatically gets 4. I do love the first line "This tear-jerking twaddle" which again could be a reference to Hathaway's breasts.

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