Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorry, Ms. Jackson

Janet Jackson: I Won't Attend Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Show 'too difficult' because it coincides with trial of doctor charged in her brother's death

Hmmmm. I'm guessing by "too difficult" she means she's not getting the cut she wants. Or maybe it's because she's fat again... you know, for that movie role they wanted her for. The one where she had to put on all the weight. It was a really hard time for her. She had to sit at home, out of work, no one listening to her music, eating ho-hos and donuts. Watching Why Did I Get Married over and over and over again. (Jermaine Dupri I love you!)

Maybe Tyler Perry is making a new Madea movie but getting tired of playing her and that's why Janet can't make it? Maybe Tyler Perry is just a big ol' homosexual. Maybe?

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