Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tyler the Creator vs. Tegan and Sara vs. GLAAD

Have you heard about this controversy? Nope? Oh dear Jesus it's boring.

Didn't we have this already and it was called Eminem. Let's just roll Sir Elton out on stage with him and make it all better. I mean, really. So the kid says faggot 213 times. I think there's a lesbian in Odd Future - doesn't that make it okay? Also, I'm always confused by these things... I mean, it's called the 1st Amendment people. Why else do we have it? Don't listen to the record. Don't buy it. Don't support him. Just shut it. And you too Tegan and Sara. I'll tell you what's more offensive than this 19 year old boy saying faggot 213 times. It's called Tegan and Sara. That shit sounds like a diva cup being pulled out of my buttocks after being soaked in cat nip and chamomile. Tegan and Sara. Come on! What doesn't offend them? Go to the coop and get your organic greens okay? Leave Tyler the Creator alone. He's just a wittle boy!

And I love him and want to kiss his face all over. I'll get all freaky deaks on his ass! OW!

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