Saturday, September 3, 2011


Cher: It took guts for Chaz to do 'Dancing'

And if by "guts" you mean a paycheck then I couldn't agree more. Listen, I love a tranny as much as the next tranny lover but let's call a spade a spade here. No one was chasing Chaz (ooh reality show?) for work. He made the OWN thing but Gayle is the only one who watches OWN and even then it's only her show. Maybe Oprah makes Stedman watch it when she lets him out of her CHAMBER OF EMASCULATION. My mother really looks up to Oprah. She subscribes to her magazine.
Okay - it's nasty to be nasty to Chaz because of his gender and if anyone is crazy enough to think that ABC is pro-trans or LGBTQ or anything check out the fact that they won't let same-sex couples dance on this Dancing With the Stars shit. ABC - like every network, don't want to single out the Mouse House (ow!) - is pro money. That's it, nothing else. ABC making a statement by casting Chaz is like Lady Gaga making a statement by continually talking about gay people. Fuck that. It's a base with more disposable income than all those breeders out there. Shit is retarded and so are you if you believe it.
Listen Cher - it takes courage for you to show up in a mini and stilettos to the premiere of Burlesque while Christina Aguilera is chubbily oversinging everything. (CHHHHHEEEEER! I LOOOOOOVE BEEEEING IN THIIIIIIIS SHIIIIIITY MOOOOOOOOOVIIIIIE WITH YOUOOUOUOUOU AND TUCCCCCCCCCCCIIIIIIIIII HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!).
If I could turn back time indeed.

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