Sunday, September 4, 2011


Marc Anthony: Rumored Smith affair 'laughable'

I know that Will Smith has been plagued with gay rumors forever now and this just isn't going to help. Marc Anthony is rumored to have an 11-inch member that allegedly made Jenny from the block Jenny "get me away from that cock!" Ouchie. Maybe their sex stained her required all-white trailers? Who knows?
Maybe Will is a size queen?
I wonder how Will's people will spin this. I mean, I know he's an action star and all but he does have that ass and a flair for fashion. Plus all these Scientology rumors. I mean, we've always heard that it's an All Girl's Club, if you know what I mean - and I know you do Dear Readers.
Also, how in the shit is Marc Anthony even famous still?
Also, I saw J. Lo once in person during the Bennifer years and she was rail thin which makes me think that her ass is a prosthetic. Just sayin'.

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