Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Pun Intended

Muslim travelers say they're still saddled with 9/11 baggage

Good Morning Dear Readers! With only a few days until the 10th Anniversary of September 11th (Happy Anniversary!) I will have a special all-9/11 edition of The Interlopere with guest appearances from Jerry Lewis, Jerry Hall, Jerry Orbach, Jerry Stiller, Jerry (of Tom &), Jerry (of Ben and), Jerry Garcia and Jerry, my friend who volunteers at work.
“Are you part of any Islamic tribe? YES Have you ever studied Islam full time? YES How many gods do you believe in?” 666 “How many prophets do you believe in?” N/A the agent at New York’s JFK Airport asked, according to Shibly, 24, a Syrian-born Muslim American. He said the agent searched his luggage, pulling out his Quran and a hand-held digital prayer counter.
Here's what I never understand... what are the correct answers? Meaning the answers that prove I'm a gun-totin'-plane-flyin'-suicide-bombin'-terrorist? And who's dumb enough to give those answers? These fellas that flew the planes into the WTC seemed really well planned, highly skilled and deeply convicted to getting shit done. Clearly. So I say the TSA needs some help with their questionnaire.

“At the end — I guess (the agent) was trying to be nice — he said, ‘Sorry, I hope you understand we just have to make sure nothing gets blown up,’” said Shibly, a law school graduate who grew up in Buffalo.
I mean... we needed this guy in NYC yesterday... talk about blowin' shit up.
More than 30 people were wounded by firearms in the city over the holiday weekend, the authorities said.
And isn't this really my point Dear Readers - why we can all agree that profiling just doesn't work. In the same weekend David saw a car explode and I saw a car accident!
What if I'm wearing my Visiting Dignitary outfit... would I be stopped?

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