Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Broads Five Points

"Polls," Palin said, "they're for strippers and cross-country skiers."

And for my daughter. And me when I was younger. And for Trig because Mount Me, Wassila's future strip club, is the only place where he'll be able to get attention from the girls. This bitch is straight up, mother fucking retarded. She's talking about not taking money to run for president - agreed: too many are beholden to these backers - but what in the shittin' mother fuckin' hell does this crazy know about anything? As soon as she decides to run for anything - okay, she never will because she makes way more money doing these Tea Party rallies and then she really isn't beholden to anyone because what she says is just that. She has to not act on any of it. She'll say she's more effective going on Glenn Beck and talking about how we should say "colored" and "black" other than African American. Or she'll tell us about the American Revolution or some shit. She'll be up there with her fuck me pumps writing on the chalk board while Beck sits there with his Madonna microphone on telling her he couldn't agree more. He can't even think because he's so focused on banging her that all of the blood is in her dick.

"I've admired her ever since she came on the scene," attendee Miki Booth of Wyandotte, Okla., said. "This country is in bad shape and I'd really like to see us go back to the principles of the founding fathers and I think Sarah Palin can lead us back to those ideals."
Listen Miki - POP QUIZ! What are the principles of our founding fathers? And who are our founding fathers - not George Michael - he was your father figure... oops! until you found out he liked a big pipe in his mouth and up his ass.

CNN reports: She also took aim at President Obama, and outlined a broad, five-point economic recovery plan which she called a “pro-working man’s plan".
A: Five is as high as she can go. B: "broad, FIVE-point" economic recovery plan"... hmmm? How long are those five points because five doesn't seem like an awesome number to be broad enough to get us out of this mess. And I don't think the lipstick scribbles on the back of her shopping list count as an economic recovery plan: Nursing bra for Bristol Formula for Trig Hysteria by Def Leppard on cassette Five Point Plan: 1. Stop spending on credit! 2. Layaway? 3. No More Taxes! 4. Rent out government buildings for private parties 5. Layaway?! Cancel Playgirl subscription

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