Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Are Not Alone

Celebs off a plane! Top 10 famous problem fliers

A-listers and air travel have a way of colliding in dramatic fashion

  1. Gerard Depardieu: Not A-list unless this is France circa '88. Or Green Card starring Andie Macdowell. Pissed on the plane.
  2. Billie Joe Armstrong: A-listish. Pants too low.
  3. Josh Duhamel: Definitely not A-list. Married to Fergalicious. Poor man's Ryan Reynolds. Too tech savvy: wouldn't get off of his Blacberry.
  4. Kevin Smith: Too fat. A+-list?!
  5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Too drunk. Could have been A-list but too drunk all of the time. See Lohan, Linday.
  6. Naomi Campbell: Too FABULOUS! Definitely A-List! All of the time. Fo-evah! This bitch can fly my plane.
  7. Christian Slater: Too armed. Had a nano second on the A-list.
  8. David Hasselhoff: Too medicated. NEVER A-list.
  9. Mo'Nique: Too black. Bitch won an Oscar... okay Supporting Actress to ensure she never makes it to the A-list. Poor girl. Each one teach one!
  10. Peter Buck: Who? No, I know who he is but as a band REM had their day but Peter Buck... not A-list.
So you see my Muslim brothers and sisters you are not alone. Others are asked not to fly as well! Democracy!

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