Friday, October 28, 2011

I have a thought... or two

Now I know most of you out there - save for Grandma Betty - aren't big fans of George W. Bush. I'm not either. But I was wondering last night while sipping my Chablis at 2AM during a screening of A Star is Born starring Ms. Barbra Streisand at home on my white leather sofa... like buttah...

Is George W. Bush responsible for the Arab Spring?

Now before you're ready to send me to Ciudad Juarez or NIagara Falls - the Canadian side! - riddle me this:

The world sees GWB go in and take out Saddam. For better or worse. An unjustified war indeed. But he (we?) remove a despot and the rest is herstory.

Did this action (the removal of SH) inspire these other uprisings. Either out of sheer inspiration (Go America!) or most likely fear that America would come in and take over their countries... so instead of that these folks remove their own nasty leaders. Is Occupy Wall Street a direct descendant of the legacy of GWB?

Don't shoot the messenger.

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