Friday, October 28, 2011

Shirley You Must Be Joking!

Who are you calling Shirley?!

One of Hollywood's most natural beauties, Ms. Shirley Maclaine, is explaining the Gay in her new books, I'm Over That - And Other Confessions. Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

"One of the explanations for homosexuality and transgenderism could, I believe, be a profound identification with a recent incarnation as a member of the opposite sex.

"I believe each one of us has had both male and female lifetimes.

"As we make our soul's journey through time, I think resistance to reincarnational understanding is because we feel threatened by our sexual identity.

"We just don't like to contemplate seriously that we might have been a member of the opposite sex in a previous incarnation.

"Questions of sex and the spiritual understanding of the soul are intertwined."

ABSOLUTELY. I've convinced myself that in former lives I've been everyone from Dorothy Parker to Dorothy Hammill. Don't front.

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