Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are There No New Dead People?


I mean, Dear Readers, I just don't understand the fascination with JFK anymore. I get it, he died. Why are Americans so bent on rehashing any single horrific event they can over and over and over again? Maybe it's because white Americans haven't suffered enough so they take on any pain they can???

Listen, Crystal has felt pain, Dear Readers, real pain, like when she had to have her hair died twice in one month because we just couldn't get it to the blonde necessary to continue living!

Or like the time when she had to squeeze into a size 0 because all of the 2s were gone! Or when she just simply outgrew her mom's pumps but didn't have any money of her own. It was hard being a single gal in upstate New York, living with your mom and having to steal her True Blues when you went out on the town to try and find a man. Not to mention the shame of having to be driven to the Green Gables by Grandma Betty - and it wasn't even her shift to bartend. But we split a Remy Martin and shared some stories, that old gal and me.

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