Friday, November 11, 2011

Berlusconi Pepperoni!

Italy Senate passes budget, Berlusconi end nigh

Soon gone will be the days of underage 'actresses', models being appointed to the Senate and wild sex parties in Vatican City - I'm kidding! Berlusconi takes one look at that gilded palace and scoffs: What-a? You-a want-a me-a to go-a there-a? That-a is-a the size-a of-a my-a garage-a! All while performing cunalingus on an Italian beauty who is making a drip espresso for him: Do-a you want-a that-a short-a or tall-a?

Grandma Louise is rolling over in her...

BED! Bitch ain't dead yet mofos! And at this rate she's going to outlive us all!!!

Viva Italiano! Viva Grandma Louise-A! Viva A Slice o' Pizza! No seriously bring me some pizza!

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