Monday, November 21, 2011

Come on Christians!

Where do I even begin? Now, you may know Dear Readers that Crystal Bridges, nee The Interlopere loves abortions, talking about abortions, funding for abortions and the lyric 'legalizing mass abortions' - David Bowie. She is not sure, however, that she loves the above article but there are some interesting points that we would like to point out.

In 2011, the Guttmacher Institute reported that 65 percent of women having abortions self-identified as Christian; 37 percent as Protestant and 28 percent as Catholic. A 1996 study found that 20 percent of all nationwide abortions were woman who identified themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.


Okay, not really. Religious folks as hypocrites? How could they not be? There are too many rules! If all of these Christians, et al followed the scriptures to a T (tee? tea? TEA PARTY?! this shit is scaring even Crystal!) then they would be all Martha Marcy May Marlene on our ass. They're bad enough. I thank the maker ('s mark) for religious hypocrites. At least it gives us something to point out. It's like when Bill Clinton was schtooping The Intern and Newt Gingrich was all 'you should be impeached for immorality and shit' and then we all found out he was between wives with a (nother!) mistress and yuck. These poor women! We should all learn to have abortions, okay?

Point 2.

Rather than protest what others are doing, Christians must be the alternative of what they oppose. This means being "pro-life" in all areas of life -- as foster parents, as adoptive parents and caring for the single, pregnant female who has chosen to keep her child. This requires the willingness to make a sacrificial, ongoing, life-time commitment.

Exactly. And when this shit happens Crystal will pull out her stencil of Christ on the cross and shave her pubes. Now, surely some people foster & adopt. But who really helps the 'single, pregnant female'? I mean, come on... And remember Christians not all of these babies are white... or Asian. You have to take the dark ones too. Oh, and the retarded ones. And yes, the homos and trannies too. Oops and don't forget the ones that come from rapists or the ladies' fathers and the pregnant females have to drink and smoke and do drugs to cope with their shitty existence so their kids come out with gills. Don't forget about those ones either.

So onward my Christian soldiers! If you promise to adopt, foster and take in every almost-abortion I will become pro-life for life. Promise.

Is it a deal?

See you in Hell.


Crystal Bridges

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  1. Thank you for telling it like it is gur!! Argentina's first lady deserves Buckingham Palace!