Monday, November 21, 2011

Designer Imposters

Now nothing as dramatic as hospitalizations or even cuts and bruises occurred at the H&M Crystal visited with her BF David but there were some highlights. Or rather lowlights. Or rather calming the cranky down as we waited on line for a few hours.

First of all, Crystal's companion was feeling very nervous, even awkward about being there and waiting on line. Crystal espoused some of mom's wisdom: She always used to tell me - if someone sees you at Ames why would you be embarrassed? They're there too. This is perhaps the smartest thing my mother ever said.

At 9:04 a.m. someone who had already purchased a bomber jacket was trying to resell it for $250 while still inside the store. Now Crystal was not that bold but she did go home immediately and post all of her extras on Ebay so that she can afford the next Designer Imposters Collection.

Finally, Crystal was cut-throat, making David wait outside of the 'boutique' while she ran back and forth grabbing the Versace goodies: 'Move it bitch!' or 'Hon' you ain't no size 6!' or 'Look, there's Allegra!' We had all the girls running! And succeed we did!

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