Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Stuffed After Stuffing

Dear Readers, as a heterosexual woman, Crystal has never even set foot in a gay bar but this one looks kind of fun, like the kind of fun one can have at a private golf club where the darkest shade is orange from the members' wives who spend just a little too much time under the gorgeous glow of the fluorescents of the tanning bed.

When Crystal was coming up she would hear about all kinds of gay bars from Aunt Shannon: Marie's Crisis, Crisco Disco, Uncle Tim's Bathroom, and she always imagined these places as diverse spots filled with hairy men bumping and grinding and calling their grandmothers to express their love of crosswords.

These modern-day gay bars look more like a boarding school where the poppers waft freely and the farthest these boys go is third base because even shit is too dark for them.

The Interlopere: Barrier Free Homosexuality

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