Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mac & Cheese

Okay, this just reaffirms so many things.

A: That Grandma Betty really has some black in her and not Indian as she so desperately likes to posit, especially around this time of year. Mac & Cheese is a staple at our holiday table.

B: Condi Rice: once a house nigger... How in the shit does she go on this show? As a conservative Christian woman? My ass. She needs to own up that fucking Pat Robertson is an ignorant, racist mother fucker who should be stuffed with 12 dicks for Thanksgiving. Condi is clearly so uncomfortable with this interviewer. Not because of her questions but Condi hasn't seen that much polyester in a weave since she was forced to launder Laura Bush's merkin. (You know Laura's nervous condition made her pull out something!)

C: 'What is this mac & cheese? Is that a black thang?' - Pat Robertson. Let me tell you what's a black thang you fuck. It's me showing up on your doorstep with a double-headed dildo, one head in my ass, primed and ready to go and the other dripping with my used jizz ready to penetrate your bad hole. Oh and here's another black thang, it's me getting my rage out on while I piss on you while making you watch reruns of The Jeffersons, 227, The Cosby Show and Gimme A Break starring Ms. Nell Carter.


I'm already so angry and I haven't even talked to my mother yet.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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