Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Oakland

Okay, this picture is on the front of the MSNBC website and I have mixed feelings about it. A: it feels inherently racist. As I've previously reported - okay it was the NY Times - the face of this have been whiter than my ass on a winter's morn after having been covered in my serape all fall. So when the shit goes down (you better be ready - when the shit goes down!) they put a black man on the cover of the site? Black Man! Black Man! Also, the other person wearing that scarf... come on, we all know what that means - so here's my initial feeling about that photo. There's more, but still no coffee. It's coming.

And then I'm all HELL YEAH Oakland. This is exactly what we need to be doing - and by we - full disclaimer I haven't gone down there or done anything yet other than continue to be a monthly sustainer for WNYC and a Guardian of Liberty at the ACLU Bitches!!! $10 a month!

But seriously Dear Readers - Oakland. I think Tupac is from there. But really, I mean, Oakland. Where in the 2000 census more black people lived there than white people. Oakland where the unemployment rate is 10.5%, well above the national average - listen I just did a quick Internet search and this is what it told me... but I believe!

Anyway, Occupy this mofos is what they are sayin' and I agree!!!

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