Friday, November 11, 2011

Oprah Must Have Clicked Her Thighs Together Thrice...

Because there is no way GAY-le King got this job on here OWN. Now, admittedly it is CBS so it's easier to get a show there than say HGTV or TNT, but still GAY-le has not had to get a job on her own for a very long time.

And Charlie Rose? Aren't you supposed to be personable to host one of these things? Like Bryant Gumbel or Kathie Lee & Hoda? Also, Charlie Rose is going to have to follow the Cousin Cindy method of drinking from this stage forward because those hard nights of taking a nib here and a nib there in between interviewing David Bowie ain't gonna work on The Early Show.

Cousin Cindy: Yeah, I drink... you know I get up about 4 or 5 to walk the dogs and then I go to the bar around 8 or 9, have 10 or 12 Bloody Marys and then stop off and get a case of beer and I'll drink that until you know, Survivor comes on - oh! Your Uncle Tim got me hooked on that goddamn show! - and then you know... take a little toke here and there... but I don't get drunk really.

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