Friday, November 11, 2011

Speaking of Joe Pa

Now Dear Readers... you know it's RARE that The Interlopere talks sports unless it's water sports but she simply must weigh in on this latest scandal that has shaken The Nittany Lion to its core. We haven't seen a lion shake this much since Matthew Broderick as Simba watched Pumbaa and Timone rim each other in The Mighty Jungle OW!

Okay - here's what we know: Jerry Sandusky is charged with being a creep and two other people are charged with perjury or some shit. And let me just say this now... this is all alleged. The Interlopere does not need another lawsuit on her hands! She can barely afford her crotchless leather thongs as it is! Here's the full deets researched by the NY Times, a somewhat reputable news source that we sometime steal from... Burning Down My Master's House by Jayson Blair anyone?

Jopa! was told about some anal action going on in the locker room by a grad assistant and "redirected him" rather than calling the Po Po.

This was in 2002. People now believe that Papa Joe knew about the rapes of little boys for a very long time and just hid it under the rug (read: Grandma Moore's weird knees. See: blog post, previous).

This all reminds me of the Grand Poobah of Catholicism, Ladies and Gentleman Ms. Holy Father Herself, Pope Benedict XVI!

Also, they look a little bit alike, right? Coincidence... or Time Life Books?

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