Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Closing Time

For Gorgeous' final night at Art Basel Miami Bitch we were personally invited by Mr. Kehinde Wiley to his fish fry. Now, normally this is a private event reserved for just family but for some reason Mr. Wiley decided to open it up to some friends (read: trash) so Gorgeous had to slum it with the likes of Joe (and you know who you are Joe! We were bored before it began!). We do have to say however that this night Gorgeous made a new best friend - no it's not you Naomi! but Sarah, glamor personified. Oh! And here's our good friend Crystal Bridges - we're not sure how this bitch got in but there was a rumor that someone blew the security guard in the bushes of The Standard. Crystal has been known to slum it before. Anyway, we danced the night away while sipping on Remy Martin Mojitos.


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