Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crystal's Indignant AGAIN

Fine, right, a harmless little article about Dick Clark. The perennial teenager or whatever they call him. Except that he had a stroke, has slurred speech and is visibly OLD now. And all of that's fine. I don't care. But dont' do this: The guy is still the boss. He walks into the room, and you defer. He is Dick Clark. - Ryan Seacrest.

Really? No you don't. They guy is probably wheeled into the room, halfway lucid and propped up to countdown from ten - which, according to the article, he can't do very well anymore. And again, this is fine, but why do we do this? It perpetuates this weird myth that old people aren't real and that youth rules. Okay, I believe that. But really, if we didn't have to do this GrandMadonna would be able to let her 50+ pussy fly without worries of vaginoplasty (speaking of Vagina Dentata - ouch!). Cher could wear her thong booby combination and let that skin sag. It's okay people. We all get old. Okay, now I have to go take my supplements, drink my aloe vera juice and apply SPF 75 sunblock all over my bodice.

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