Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are We Making Our Daughters Whores?

Now you know Crystal likes to stay in shape. She's been inspired to work out since Aunt Shannon got her first membership at the Court Jester. But I'm afraid for all the ladies out there, including MYself. Between these two commercials what are we telling women? That you have to starve yourself, work 60 hour workweeks and drink (eek!) Crystal Light so that one day you too will end up shipwrecked on a beach and a sexy black man will approach you about getting wet? And then Maybelline has a commercial for 24 hour tattoo eyeshadow. Why do you need eyeshadow on for 24 hours? So that you can wake up in some stranger's apartment and still look like the loser you were the night before? I mean.

Crystal does not understand. Maybe she's born with it? I don't think so! Maybe it's manufactured out the hoo-ha and she has no choice. That's my slogan. We need more natural beauties like Crystal out there in the world. NATURAL!!!!

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